Kate Vinokurov (MES, BASc.) founded K-Vino Nutrition & Menu Services to fulfill her passion for making a difference in how people eat both at home and out. The company specializes in comprehensive nutrition wellness and menu solution services to help clients become more informed consumers, as well as responsible business owners. Kate uses a unique approach to engage clients in learning about nutrition, healthy eating and food waste. She is committed to addressing clients’ specific needs through the delivery of customized workshops and programs. Kate has a background in urban farming, public health education, menu planning and workshop facilitation. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science, Food and Nutrition from Ryerson University (2009), and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from York University (2013). Kate is also the Founder of the TUC Community Garden, a non-profit organization based in Markham, Ontario. Click here to connect with Kate on LinkedIn.