We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Berna Pais, the Founder of Chutney Mary, following our food photo shoot in March. Chutney Mary offers artisan and local savoury dips to meet your everyday needs.

Read on to find out more about this local business and what inspired them to get started!

1) What inspired you to start Chutney Mary?

“The name Chutney Mary itself conjures up images of a lady walking the streets in India. Mary is a common name. Chutney is a delicious accompaniment to any food – it adds a little spice to simple everyday food. It kicks it up a notch with its lively, interesting and smooth taste.

In south India, chutneys – orange, green and white (the colours of the flag) – are usually served with our famous dosas, which are crisp rice crepes. I always add chutney to my meals.”


2) Describe your unique approach to making your products (for example, the natural ingredients that you use).

“I love variety. My chutney product line incorporates a variety of colours, spice levels and uniqueness in terms of the ingredients I chose to use. For example, I am really hooked on cranberries; it is such a versatile fruit. It adds a beautiful vibrant colour to any dish, and it works especially well with Christmas and Thanksgiving meals as it adds a special spotlight to the table.”

3) What would you say is your best, or your favourite chutney product, and why? What food do you recommend pairing it with?

“The Spicy Cranberry is probably my favourite (although I love all of them!). It goes well with turkey, ham, cream cheese or brie cheese.

The Chilli Mustard chutney is another one of my favourites. It is my mother’s recipe and so it brings a lot of childhood memories for me. My mother used to make us sandwiches with this chutney.”

4) What do customers love most about your products?

“I would say customers love the distinct flavours, natural ingredients and that it’s vegan!

I use simple ingredients and have added a twist – with the colours, spice and the unique combinations. It’s great to have our chutney products around to add to breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even at snack time.”


For more information on Chutney Mary, or to make an order, please click here.

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