Employee Wellness

What is the Employee Wellness Program?

A workplace health promotion program (WHPP) focused on improving the health and well-being of employees by targeting specific  behaviours.

What are the benefits of the Employee Wellness Program?

There are many short and long term benefits including financial, health and improved work performance. For example, research shows a return on investment (ROI) when companies invest in their employees’ health and wellness.

What is included in the Employee Wellness Program?

The program offers 6-week education sessions geared towards improving healthy behaviours of employees. The sessions cover topics related to healthy and mindful eating, as well as stress reduction and job performance.

When are the sessions offered?

The sessions can either be offered during lunch time as lunch & learns, or after work during the evening. Daytime programs are also available.

I would like to get more information. 

You can either contact us for a consultation or book us for an information session, free of charge.